Photo of Physiotherapist Simon Milichip

Welcome Simon Millichip to Hands & All and Mr Paul Jarrett’s team

Welcome to our new Physiotherapist Simon Millichip

We are pleased to welcome Simon Millichip to our team as our new Physiotherapist.  He will work closely with Mr Paul Jarrett and the team at Hands & All to provide Physiotherapy and gym based exercise programmes to our patients.  Simon will be working on Friday mornings in our Clinic and then will be out in the community visiting various gyms to provide gym based exercise programmes and hydrotherapy programmes for patients.

Some background on Simon

After completing his Bachelor of Physical Education majoring in Exercise Physiology, Simon gained further qualifications with a Diploma of  Physiotherapy and also Post Graduation Diploma of Manipulative Therapy.  He has had 30 years musculoskeletal experience in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia.  Simon enjoys road and mountain biking.

How do I get in touch with Simon?

Appointments can be made to see Simon by calling 1800 426 325 or visit the Hands & All website for further details. Mr Paul Jarrett’s team would also be more than happy to help you with this if you telephone his rooms on 1300 527 329 or send us a message here