Appointments & Our Clinic

Clinic visit

Dr Paul Jarrett’s clinic is in the Murdoch Clinic at St John of God Hospital in Murdoch. Our staff take pride in delivering friendly efficient service.

When you arrive, please inform the clinic staff. You will need your referral letter and will be asked to complete a patient registration form if you have not already done so.

Please arrive on time as we always try to be prompt! Delays sometimes occur due to patients with complex problems requiring more time than expected, or emergency patients. The most common reason for running behind is patients attending late and therefore causing the clinic to run late, so again we would be grateful if you could attend your appointment on time.

At times a full complement of staff, including Mr Jarrett, his nurse and his therapists are attending to patients, and it may appear to you that a patient who has arrived later is seen before you are. Bear in mind that we can have three clinics running at once and other patients are not jumping ahead of you.

We try to ensure your visit runs as smoothly as possible. However, your consultation time may vary depending on whether you require x–rays, casts, splints, and other therapies, and also upon any unplanned medical delays. If you live a considerable distance from Murdoch, it may be possible that your follow-up appointment can be conducted via a video link either from your local hospital, General Practitioner or your computer, Tablet or Smartphone using apps like FaceTime/ Skype/ Scopia. If applicable, we will suggest this as an option to you, but do feel free to ask.

Murdoch Clinic Entrance Photo

Billing and insurance

Insurance coverage varies between individual insurers and amongst different policies. Many insurance companies limit payments using their own fee schedule. Our fees and charges may differ from your insurance company schedule. You are responsible for the payment of your clinic, surgeon, therapy and other healthcare accounts. Clinic charges are due on the day, and we accept cash, cheques, EFTPOS and credit cards.

Cancelling your appointment

Please phone on 1300 JARRETT (1300 527738) giving at least 24 hour’s notice should you wish to cancel your appointment. If you fail to provide sufficient notice or do not attend your appointment without prior warning, the clinic space which other patients could have used is lost, but the clinic expenses are still present. In these circumstances, we may have to pass the cost on to you by charging a non-attendance fee (the same fee as a clinic visit without the Medicare rebate.)

Follow Up Appointments

When you return for your post-operative appointment, our Clinical Nurse is usually involved in your care. She will collect you from the waiting room, assess your wound(s) and your progress and provide you with information to assist your recovery. Mr Jarrett may be involved in your consultation once our nurse has commenced your post-operative review, although for some procedures the first post-operative visit will be held entirely with our clinical nurse.

You can contact our Clinical Nurse via the rooms or by Email.