Handwashing infographic

How we adapted to Covid-19

After Covid-19 – the new ‘normal’.

Despite the Covid pandemic trying to get a foothold in WA, our patients who had surgery in the months prior still required ongoing care. Other patients were still suffering from medical conditions requiring management and there were still patients sustaining injuries in the community, which required emergency or urgent care.

Whilst some clinics closed down during this period, we all very much believed it was essential that our patients and referring doctors were able to continue to access the excellent care they needed, and that the clinic must stay open to protect and maximise their health.

How have we adapted?

Starting mid-March, we undertook a huge amount of activity to make sure the clinic was as safe as possible for everyone who would be involved in patient care, including our patients, their carers, our team and the community.

Every aspect of activity in the clinic has been carefully considered to minimise the risks for everyone. From disinfecting the physical mail on arrival, to minimising contact with physical objects, we carefully considered every way that we could reduce potential virus transmission.

Video Calls

We have been offering appointments via video-link for many years, but usually for patients in rural or remote locations. With the constant threat of pandemic, our team has put considerable effort into upscaling our Telehealth capacity and protocols, so that any patient not requiring physical care can attend their clinic or therapy appointments online.

Clinic staff and our Hands & All team have been extremely adaptable in undertaking therapy via video-link, providing additional care plans for patients via email and sending equipment for rehabilitation whilst still providing superb care.

They have continued seeing patients physically where necessary for splints and physical therapies. Simon developed home gym programmes for some patients. Everyone has seamlessly managed the transition back into our physical practice now that Perth has become safer again.

What next?

It has been a challenging time for patients not being able to have surgery during the COVID shutdown. It has been complex and time consuming for our administration team as they manage the clinic during this continually changing environment.

I have been very impressed by the resilience, versatility and selflessness of my team at Jarrett Orthopaedics and Hands & All and would very much like to thank them for their care, excellence and professionalism during these difficult times.

We welcome you back to the clinic when you are ready, and assure you we have taken every precaution to keep you safe as we continue to support you back to good health.