Academic activities at our practise

Naturally our practise’s primary focus is on patient care and making your healthcare journey as ideal as possible.

However, in the background we run academic activities to support and  enhance both our and our colleagues’ ability to deliver the best clinical outcomes.

Ultrasound Guided Surgery

In January, Paul attended the Ultrasound Guided Upper Limb Surgery course at IRCAD (International Research Institute) in Strasbourg in France. This course was chosen as there are very few such courses in the world, and Paul wished to practise his French.

The course offered the ability to practise surgery performed through very small holes with visualisation undertaken with ultrasound, which aims to achieve excellent results but with rapid recovery times.

Paul Jarrett at ultrasound course

International Hand Meeting

In May, Paul, Emma our Clinical Nurse and Anna Lisa our Senior Occupational Therapist and Researcher attended the (APFSSH) Asia Pacific Federation for Societies for Surgery of the Hand and Hand Therapy meeting in Singapore.

This four-day event is one of the largest such events in the world and allowed us to converse with our international colleagues and exchange ideas and techniques.

Paul Jarrett in audience at Singapore conference

Scientific Paper Accepted for Publishing

Several years ago we developed a minimally invasive method for repairing distal biceps tendon rupture injuries and we have been following these patients carefully for many years. 

Anna Lisa and Paul recently had their paper, documenting one of the largest series of distal biceps repairs, accepted for publication in the journal “Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow” which we are very excited about.

Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow Logo
Paul Jarrett at Royal London Conference in 2023

Paul recently attended the meeting of the Royal London Hospital annual orthopaedic day in June 2023.