Academic research, professional teaching and development.

Academically, the last two months have been extremely busy in our practice. We have been collating patient data and research and preparing studies and presentations for several national and international meetings.

The full contents of our work are now available on this website in video format.

Please contact our team if you have any questions or would like Mr Jarrett to present at your next professional meeting.

International Federation for Societies for Surgery of the Hand, Berlin Meeting – June 2019

The IFSSH meeting offered the opportunity to increase and share knowledge of surgery of the hand globally.

Dr Paul Jarrett presented his case series and treatment for Wartenberg’s syndrome, which is a condition where patients suffer from pain and sensory disturbance on the thumb side of their distal forearm and hand form compression of the superficial radial nerve in the forearm. It is an uncommon condition and therefore there are few large series described in the medical literature.

Paul is an expert in the technique of minimally invasive plate fixation of the distal radius. His poster for minimally invasive plate fixation was presented in Berlin alongside his poster for his technique of endoscopically assisted distal biceps repair as there are relatively few techniques for this innovative procedure.

CTEC Lab at the University of Western Australia – Invited Lecturer, Cadaver teaching session on superior capsular reconstruction – June 2019

Conducting a workshop at CTEC provided the surgeons with the opportunity to learn new skills and practice performing this unique procedure to enhance their clinical practice.

Superior capsular reconstruction is an operation first described in 2013 for reconstructing patients’ shoulders who have some variants of massive rotator cuff tears which are unable to be repaired. Paul was the invited lecturer with all involved learning a good deal about this uncommon procedure.

Western Australian Society for Surgery of the Hand Meeting – July 2019

Presentation – Endoscopic Surgery of the Upper Limb

Delivering presentations at the WA Society for Surgery of the Upper Limb provided the opportunity to promote excellence and professional development in hand surgery in WA.

Endoscopic surgery has become more common in recent years including in the upper limb. Our practice team has considerable experience in these techniques and upper limb rehabilitation. The uptake of this technology has not been as rapid as it could potentially be, so we presented a talk on Endoscopic Surgery of the Upper Limb.

Presentation – Introduction and use of Ultrasound in an Upper Limb practise

The use of ultrasound in a Surgeon’s rooms provides a significant benefit to patients and surgeon alike yet is relatively uncommon. Paul is experienced in the application of ultrasound in our practice, he uses it frequently and gave a talk about the introduction and use of ultrasound in an upper limb practice which generated some good discussions.

St John of God Murdoch Golden Nugget Lecture series for Care Givers – June 2019

This series provides valuable knowledge & updated clinical expertise to the St John of God Caregivers.
Paul has been invited each year and this year gave a presentation on minimally invasive upper limb surgery.

St John of God Murdoch GP talk series for over 100 General Practitioners.

Presentation – Rotator Cuff Tears

This study presents the incidence of rotator cuff tears in the general population and the types of patients who would benefit or not benefit from treatment of their cuff tears.
Rotator cuff tears can be present in people with no shoulder symptoms and often require no treatment. Also, sometimes people may have a tear seen on imaging and yet it not be responsible for their shoulder pain and rotator cuff tears are a complex area with quite a lot of debate currently as to when treatment if considered beneficial. The feedback from the attendees was excellent.

Orthopaedic Trainee Bone School, Perth WA – August 2019

Presentation for Orthopaedic Trainee Registrars – Osteoarthritis and Infections in the Hand and Wrist.

Asia Pacific Federation for Societies for Surgery of the Hand Meeting, Melbourne – March 2020

The APFSSH meeting presents the opportunity for Hand Therapists & Surgeons to share their clinical knowledge and evidence-based practice at an international level.
We have been busy submitting our abstracts for the meeting as the deadline is 11th August 2019. Abstracts for talks on Artificial Intelligence in Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation following Endoscopic Distal Biceps Repair have already been submitted. All of the hand therapists from our practice at Hands & All, Emma our Clinical Nurse and Paul all will be attending the meeting.