Tendon Injuries In The Hand

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How is a injured hand tendon treated?

Hand Tendon Injury –
Post-Operative Care

A 6-week rehabilitation period with a splint is required following most tendon surgery is necessary to protect the tendon while is heals. No heavy activity is allowed until three months post-surgery because the tendon repair may fall apart before it is robust enough to withstand force or heavy weights.

In about 5% of tendon repairs, the repair will fail necessitating further surgery. In a further 5% of repairs, the tendon sticks down, and an operation called a tenolysis is required to free the tendon after a certain amount of months following the original surgery. Please note that there is a risk of infection and nerve or blood vessel injury associated with the procedure, and it is uncommon to return completely to normal following treatment, Outcomes are usually good and considerably better than without intervention.

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