Weekly Clinic News – 5th April 2017

Weekly Clinic News – 5th April 2017

News from the Clinic 5th April, 2017

Welcome our Weekly Clinic News for 5th April, 2017.


At Mr Paul Jarrett’s Orthopaedic Clinic we like to make your specialist consultation as convenient and time efficient as possible. We are frequently able to see patients, arrange for their scans to be undertaken during the clinic and then return to see Mr Paul Jarrett on the same day, leaving the clinic with an action plan in place all achieved in a short period of typically two to three hours.

An example this week was a gentleman who was seen at the start of the clinic with a non-urgent shoulder problem, he saw Mr Paul Jarrett, we then arranged for his shoulder ultrasound that morning and whilst he waited for his scan he read our new patient information booklet. Within 90 minutes he then returned from his scan, was reviewed with his ultrasound by Mr Paul Jarrett in an unscheduled appointment (for no additional cost) and had his surgery arranged for this week. His entire time in the building was all within just over two hours.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Mr Jarrett and experience our efficient service please telephone our friendly staff on 1300 JARRETT (1300 527 738).


 That’s all for now for the  Weekly Clinic News – stay tuned for more.