Weekly Clinic News – 3rd August 2017

Western Australian Hand Surgery Society Annual Scientific Meeting

Weekly news from the Clinic 3rd August, 2017

Last weekend Mr Paul Jarrett presented at and chaired part of the Western Australian Hand Surgery Society Annual Scientific Meeting. Mr Jarrett’s presentation on minimally invasive distal radial fracture reduction and fixation was well received and was of a technique not heard of by many of the delegates.

The following day Mr Paul Jarrett presented and chaired a session at the University of Western Australia on partial wrist fusion for the trainee Orthopaedic and Plastic surgeons which appeared to be highly educational.

The patient information book we have developed and which we provide to patients once they have had their consultation with Mr Jarrett in the clinic has been proving very popular not only with patients but as it turns out with General Practitioners and therefore recently we provide a mail out of these books to about 500 of our General Practitioner colleagues for use with their patients. Any General Practitioners who would like to receive a copy of this patient information book, please contact my Clinic Manager, Jane Jenkins and she will arrange this for you.

That’s all for now for the  Weekly Clinic News – stay tuned for more.