Weekly Clinic News – 20th July 2017

Weekly Clinic News – 20th July 2017


Weekly news from the Clinic 20th July, 2017

Here at Mr Paul Jarrett’s rooms we aim to provide our patients with a comprehensive service that is not only informative but also helps to ease any apprehension they may have about the process that is required to treat their particular condition or injury.

Our clinic prides itself on treating all our patients as individuals and not just a number.  All aspects of their care will be attended to by our friendly administration staff from radiology bookings to surgery bookings and post operative appointments.

We understand that contemplating surgery or other non surgical treatment can be intimidating to our patients so we always strive to make this decision making process as informed and straight forward as possible whilst still ensuring that adequate information is delivered to our patients in a manner that is easy to understand.

We give our patients written information regarding their bookings which includes radiology forms with the time, date and location of appointments as well as procedure booking forms stating all information relevant to any surgical procedure that has been booked including fasting and admission times, date and location and name of Anaesthetist.

This is important as it gives our patients information to look at later after their appointment.  Quite often the appointment can seem a little overwhelming to some patients and they find it hard to remember all the information that was given at the time.

As stated in our Mission Statement – A SMILE CAN BE HEARD

That’s all for now for the  Weekly Clinic News – stay tuned for more.