COVID-19 How we are keeping our patients and staff as safe as possible

Telehealth video conference – giving our patients the opportunity for an appointment whilst maintaining social distancing

We realise that this is a time of uncertainty for people in our community.  We are taking every precaution to ensure that our patients and staff remain happy, health and safe.

For many years, Mr Jarrett has been using telehealth video conferencing to conduct appointments with patients who live some distance away to ensure that they receive the same level of attention as those who are attending our rooms.  It is also a handy tool for those who may not have anyone to drive them to an appointment and are unable to drive themselves.

During this time when we are all trying to be extra vigilant with our hand hygiene and social distancing we are offering all patients the opportunity to utilise video conferencing instead of attending the rooms when appropriate.

What is the benefit of a Telehealth appointment?

Telehealth or video conference appointments give our patients the opportunity to speak to Mr Jarrett and / or the therapists and we can see patient’s movement, wounds and level of comfort.  It still gives the patient ample opportunity to converse and ask all the questions that they may feel they need to.

How we conduct these appointments

The appointments are conducted the majority of the time using SKYPE, FaceTime or other common videoconferencing platforms.   It can either be with just the patient in their own home or workplace or with their General Practitioner or therapist in their rooms.  When booking the patient’s appointment they are asked whether they wish to have their appointment via telehealth video conference and if they have SKYPE or FaceTime.  Then this appointment can be made either just with the patient or with their GP or therapist.

Telephone appointments

If patients do not have the ability to participate in a telehealth video appointment then often Mr Jarrett or the therapists can telephone them and speak with them regarding their issues.

What benefit will this be to the patient?

The most obvious benefit, of course, is that the patient does not need to attend our rooms to gain advice and care from Mr Jarrett.  This can take away the stress from the patient of travelling to our rooms and the exposure to others.

How do I organise a telehealth video conference?

All our patient’s need to do is ask our friendly clinic staff whether their appointment can be booked as a video conference appointment.  The staff will ask the patient for their SKYPE address or the number they wish to use for FaceTime.  When the time comes for the appointment the patient will receive a text reminder two days prior stating that this appointment if via FaceTime or SKYPE to which they answer Y or N.  On the day of the appointment we will contact the patient just prior to their allocated appointment time via the method they have indicated and the appointment will take place.

 Here’s how easy it is!

SKYPE can be downloaded to your computer or portable device and as long as you have a camera you will be ready to go.

FACETIME can be downloaded onto Ipad or Iphone or Apple Mac computers from the Appstore. Those wanting to use FaceTime need to ensure that FaceTime is turned on in the settings of their Apple device.

If you would like further information on any of our services, please contact our clinic staff on Ph: 1300 527 738. You can also use the  Contact Us page.  We can also answer questions via our Live Chat facility.

Patients visiting the clinic, therapy, ultrasound and injections.

Some patients will still chose to or need to visit the clinic. We have the advantage of having the surgical consultation / hand therapy / physiotherapy / ultrasound and injections all occurring in the one clinic so that this is much more convenient for patients and less costly but also involves only one visit rather than visiting several healthcare facilities for the same care thereby reducing the patient’s exposure to potential COVID-19 exposure.

All our clinical staff are wearing surgical scrubs, all surfaces that patients are coming into contact within clinical areas are cleaned between patients and multiple hand sanitising is happened with patients and staff within their clinic visits.

Most of all remember to “STAY CALM AND WASH YOUR HANDS”