Virtual Clinics


Before your tele-appointment:

Referral – could you and your referring doctor provide this to us by e-mail / fax or via our website (

Patient information questionnaire – please fill in the form online or complete the form we emailed to you and email it back.

X-rays / scans / CT’s/ MRI’s / nerve tests

Please let us know if you have had any x-rays or scans or tests, especially if you wish them to form part of your appointment.  We need to know the type of investigation / date it was undertaken and the imaging provider details to be able to access it.  If you can send us the imaging or nerve study report that would be very useful.

How we connect

Please ensure you have, prior to the appointment, dowloaded and tested the app / software you have chosen to conduct the tele-appointment on.  Ensure the device is not on silent and that notifications are turned on for phone / tablet app and that camera / microphone access is allowed for the app in settings.  We are happy to give advice on the above. We use FaceTime, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom and Facebook Messenger.


As you will not be physically attending our rooms, we would be grateful for payment of the difference between the government rebates and our appointment fee before your appointment.

At the time of your tele-appointment:


Have your device on hand and turned on and ready to receive our call.


We will attempt to be prompt but depending upon the length of the appointments prior to your there could be a delay (if we are going to be over 10 minutes later, we will try to telephone you to let you know).

After your tele-appointment:


You will receive a letter via e-mail, as will your referring doctor, going over what was discussed and the plan going forward.

Patient book

You will receive a copy of our patient information book via e-mail.  In the index you can look up the sections relevant to your condition(s) and treatment(s).


Further appointments or investigations can be organised in conjunction with our helpful staff.  We will try to contact you, but otherwise please contact us as required.


If you need help organising your technology let us know in advance and we can help you.  Alternatively we can arrange a consultation over the phone.  Please contact us on 1300 527 738.