Random Acts of Kindness Week 17th – 23rd February

This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week and lets face it most people can do with a little extra kindness in their lives.  With everyone leading busy lives working and looking after families an extra little helping of kindness can sometimes help to get us through our days and put a smile on our faces.

What can we do?

Random Acts of Kindness can be something simple or more outlandish.

Some examples are:

  • Tell your work colleague how much you appreciate their help in your day
  • Help an elderly or less able person on public transport or to enter a building
  • Buy someone a cup of coffee
  • Let someone in front of you in your lane in the traffic
  • Tell your significant other how much their support helps you through your day

Kindness doesn’t have a price attached to it.

It’s the little things that can make someone feel loved and appreciated.  Remember that you don’t know what is going on in some peoples lives and that Random Act of Kindness could just be what will help them to make it through the day or feel that they are worthwhile and needed.  Its giving kindness to someone and not expecting anything in return.

Try to practice Random Acts of Kindness this week as many times as you can and see how much it will brighten not only someone else’s day but also your own.

So to all our patients, staff and friends we wish your a happy week ahead and send you kindness.  Be kind to one another and also to yourselves.