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DR Paul Jarrett

Hand and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic.
Co-Head of Department of Hand Surgery, Fremantle Hospital, Western Australia.

Minimally Invasive Plate Fixation of the Distal Radius


Displaced distal radial fractures are commonly internally fixed with a volar locking plate using a moderate sized incision with pronator quadratus raised at its radial insertion. Minimally invasive techniques have evolved using a smaller incision and sparing pronator quadratus by sliding the plate under the muscle thus reducing soft tissue damage. This study documents a consecutive series of minimally invasive distal radius volar plate fixation. Following fixation, patients underwent hand therapy and were provided with a thermoplastic splint for use as much or a little as the patient felt required. Patient demographics, fracture morphology and reduction, post-operative grips strength, VAS pain, and DASH scores were collected.