World Health Day 2021

On 7th April each year we celebrate World Health Day.  This date marks the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1948.

What is the theme for 2021?

This year the theme for World Health Day is “Building a fairer, healthier world”.  With the whole world being affected in some capacity by COVID-19 it has been highlighted that some people have better access to health care services and are able to live healthier lives than others due to the conditions in which they live their day to day lives.

WHO has asked all leaders to:-

  • work together
  • collect reliable data
  • tackle inequities
  • act beyond borders

This will help to ensure that those more vulnerable in both our communities and the world as a whole are assisted.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what we have.

I hope we can all take a moment on 7th April to realise how fortunate we are to live in a country such as Australia and that we have not seen the loss of lives or degree of illness which has affected areas around the world during this COVID-19 pandemic.  We should also take time to think about those in our community who are feeling vulnerable or require some extra assistance and reach out to them where we can.

Meanwhile we will continue to provide the best possible care to our patients.  If you require an appointment please do not hesitate to contact our clinic on 1300 527 738 or via our Contact Us page.