International Nurses Day 2021

Nurses: A Voice To Lead – A vision for future healthcare

Wednesday 12th May is International Nurses Day.  The theme for 2021 seeks to show how nursing will look into the future as well how the profession will transform the next stage of healthcare.

We see you, we appreciate you, and we thank you for keeping us healthy and safe

Australia has 82,000+ primary health care nurses working outside of the hospital setting.  They provide valuable care to those in need and this has never been more appreciated than during the COVID19 Pandemic which we are faced with.   The world has, and still is, being affected by this pandemic and the nurses around the world have had to adapt and care for those who have become ill with COVID as well as their loved ones.

A big thank you to all the nursing staff at St John of God Hospital Murdoch who look after our patients during their time in hospital both pre-operatively and post operatively and also during their procedures in theatre.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated in providing our patient’s with the best experience possible during, what can be for them, a stressful time.

Our very own “Super Nurse”

Here in Mr Jarrett’s clinic we have our Super Nurse Emma Petta who cares for our patients post operatively and also in theatre during their operations at St John of God Hospital Murdoch.  Emma provides support to our patients on an ongoing basis after surgery here in our clinic.  Thank you Emma, you are very much appreciated by all your work colleagues and patients here.

Cheers to all the wonderful nurses!! Thank you for helping to keep us safe and healthy and enjoy International Nurses Day 2021.