Headshot photo of Jazz

Welcome to our new staff member

Welcome to our new staff member Jazz Donovan

Jazz Donovan our new staff member to join our team to support our in-house therapy team, Hands & All as well as assist during some of our busy clinic with Mr Jarrett.  Jazz has had many years experience as a Medical Secretary which has included several years working in Orthopaedics.

Jazz’s role

Jazz will be responsible for ensuring that the Hands & All therapy patients seen by our talented therapists Anna-Lisa Baker Senior Occupational Therapist, Nicole Perera Senior Occupational Therapist and Jane Waddy Senior Physiotherapist experience a professional and smooth service during their therapy sessions.  When our patients arrive to see their therapists they will be greeted by Jazz and she will ensure that their time with Hands & All is a smooth and efficient experience.

Jazz will also be assisting during some of the busy clinics which Mr Jarrett conducts.  She will work alongside Mikayla Kirschke and Jane Jenkins during these clinics.

Welcome aboard Jazz we are all looking forward to working with you. We hope you enjoy being part of this fantastic team we have here!