Weekly Clinic News – 25th May 2017

Weekly Clinic News – 25th May 2017

Weekly news from the Clinic 25th May, 2017

Welcome to our new website and Podcast on Shoulder Instability!!!

After weeks of work in the background our website has been refreshed and updated.  These updates bring to you an easier platform to use as well as videos and information on upper limb injuries and conditions. We have refreshed the look of the website with new media and what we hope provides you with a more streamline user experience.

The General Information tab tells you where we are and how to contact us as well as information about our hand therapists and our experienced staff.  The Treatment tab will supply you with a wealth of information on upper limb conditions.  The Forms tab will allow you to complete your Patient Information Sheet and this will then be sent straight to the inbox for staff to upload your information.

By far the biggest addition to the website so far has been under the Resources tab.  This has been in the form of the addition of a Podcast!!  Mr Paul Jarrett has uploaded a podcast on Shoulder Instability for General Practitioners, health care providers and patients to listen to.  This is extremely informative and helpful for those who are experiencing shoulder instability as well as health providers who have patients with this condition.  This can be accessed via the Resources tab or by following this link: https://pauljarrett.info/podcasts/

Please feel free to take a moment to view our new website.  We hope you are as excited by the new look and content as we are.


That’s all for now for the  Weekly Clinic News – stay tuned for more.