Weekly Clinic News – 11th May 2017

Weekly Clinic News – 11th May 2017

Weekly news from the Clinic 11th May, 2017

Welcome our Weekly Clinic News for 11th May, 2017.

Running our Practice doesn’t just involve seeing patients in the clinic and working in the operating theatre. We feel that quality control and academic activities are also an essential part of our Practice. There are many activities which are important in this regard and Mr Jarrett thought we might mention some of those activities from last week.

Last week Mr Jarrett attended a combined meeting with the Radiologists discussing complex and difficult cases with his colleagues. After the radiology meeting he attended the regular meeting of the Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic to discuss how we can keep the clinic functioning optimally to benefit you, our patients. Mr Jarrett had meetings with colleagues last week regarding research activities and had a meeting with Hospital Executives on Thursday regarding ensuring the hospital systems work as well as possible for our patients. As Secretary and Treasurer on the Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia, Mr Jarrett is involved in the planning for the next National meeting here in Perth in 2018 so last week some time was spent going into planning that meeting.

Other regular meetings we have within our own rooms are staff meetings to constantly strive to improve the way we manage our patient experience and educational meetings between our hand and upper limb therapists Anna-Lisa, Jane and Nicole who work with me at Hands & All, in our rooms Emma our Clinical Nurse and myself.

It’s nice to know there is lots going on constantly behind to scenes to make your care optimal.


That’s all for now for the  Weekly Clinic News – stay tuned for more.