Doctor’s News – November 2014

“The latest in November News from our Doctor”


What We’ve Been Up To

Welcome to the November Doctor’s Update – that month flew by!

Mr Paul Jarrett has had a busy teaching schedule recently including his usual clinical activities as well as training of medical students and trainee surgeons.

Paul gave a lecture at the Western Australian Society for Surgery of the Hand on Collagenase treatment for Dupuytren’s Disease and participated in the International Panel discussion on this interesting topic.

Collagenase is a treatment introduced into Australia late last year which involves an injection to dissolve the fibrous tissue in Dupuytren’s Disease and Contractures then a manipulation in the days following the injection.

He gave a lecture at the Western Australian meeting of the Australian Orthopaedic Association on Computerised Virtual Planning and 3D-printed patient specific guides for osteotomies of the distal radius.

Distal radius fractures (breaks of the wrist bone) can at times heal in an abnormal position and sometimes require surgery to correct the position of the bone.

Paul Jarrett
Paul Jarrett.

New Orthopaedic Technologies

This can now be performed much more accurately through the use of  computerised planning of the surgery and creation of 3D-printed instruments specially designed and catered for each patient.

Mr Paul Jarrett presented this topic at the Australian Hand Surgery Society on the Gold Coast earlier this year and documents his experience with the techniques to local surgeons.

He has also undertaken two lectures for the Royal College of General Practitioners on the topic of finger, hand and wrist injuries and published an article for Medical Forum magazine on modern treatments for Dupuytren’s Disease.

What I’ll Be Up To

This week is the biennial Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia conference in Melbourne, which Mr Jarrett will attend, bringing back to Perth with him the innovation, knowledge and experience gained.

That’s all from our doctor, Mr Paul Jarrett, for the November Doctor’s News for 2014 – stay tuned for more.