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DR Paul Jarrett

Hand and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic.
Co-Head of Department of Hand Surgery, Fremantle Hospital, Western Australia.

Endoscopically assisted distal biceps tendon repair

Many techniques for distal biceps repair surgery have been described which include one or two incision techniques, and for tendon re- attachment using sutures, anchor or endo-button techniques. A small number of endoscopic or endoscopically assisted techniques have also been described1-5. This study presents a technique utilising an endo-button type anchor repair and is effectively a single incision technique but by using an endoscope and speculum it allows for a very small incision and minimal soft tissue dissection. Patient recovery and complications appear low compared to open techniques. If the tear is chronic, the endoscope also allows for relatively easy distal biceps tendon tenolysis and retrieval.