Our specialist staff can help you look after your employee’s acute, urgent and non-acute work related Hand and Upper-Limb injuries.

Workplace Hand and Upper Limb injuries and emergencies

In most cases an employee with a significant Hand or Upper-Limb injury at work will require medical intervention and treatment.

Mr Paul Jarrett and his Orthopaedic Staff specialise in speed of service, because they know how important urgent specialist attention and personalised care is in terms of ensuring an optimum surgical outcome for your employee, with a smooth and orderly return to work.

What is required for your employee will depend on the nature and severity of their injury. Some patients will require immediate medical attention and others require less urgent treatment (next day or within a few of days time).

The speed in which treatment is administered improves the outcome and recovery when dealing with acute severe injuries.

Paul Jarrett is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Fremantle Hospital and the Co-Head of the Department of Hand Surgery.

Acute urgent severe Hand & Upper Limb injuries include:

  • amputations or crush injuries
  • high pressure injection injuries (all injection injuries require emergency assessment)
  • displaced fracture
  • dislocation
  • cuts where the skin is broken (especially if deep or dirty)
  • cuts where tendon or nerve injuries are potentially present superficial burns covering a substantial part of the hand or any deep burns
  • copious bleeding
  • extremely painful injuries
  • any deformity of the affected area
  • infected (there may be tenderness with warmness, redness, swelling and/or pus)

Less urgent Hand & Upper Limb injuries include:

  • some stable undisplaced or minimally displaced fractures
  • ligament sprains
  • rotator cuff tears
  • distal biceps tendon tears
  • shoulder impingement
  •  nerve compression syndromes (e.g Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

Dr Paul Jarrett offers frequent clinics at Murdoch where we can assess and arrange treatment for your employee.

If the injury is minor, injured employees would normally visit their General Practitioner (GP), and if their GP feels referral to a surgeon is appropriate, then a direct referral to Paul Jarrett can be made.

If your employee has an injury which will not be covered by Work Cover or third-party insurance and they do not have private health insurance, then your employee should attend the nearest public hospital Emergency Department, or phone the emergency number 000.

For minor injuries your employee may be better seeing their GP. If still unsure about what to do, Employers can feel free to contact the Clinic or call on 1300 JARRETT where our Orthopaedic Staff can provide further information and advice.