Hand & Wrist

Dr Paul Jarrett and his team deliver specialist hand and wrist treatments and after-care to patients at SJOG Hospital in Murdoch, Perth.

Your Hands

The hand is an extraordinary part of the body with a large number of bones, joints, ligaments and tendons and an amazing degree of neurological input from the brain. As a Hand Surgeon Dr Jarrett is intrigued by the function of the hand and the problems that can occur with it and the solutions to these problems. He is highly respected and has very advanced training this in field, which he is constantly updating and researching and teaching.

Your Wrists

The wrist is a series of highly complex joints with numerus bones, ligaments and tendons producing its function. It is amazing that such a complex set of structures work as well as they normally due, but unfortunately injury or degeneration can affect the wrist. We have many ways of diagnosing and treatment problems usually with significant improvement in function.

hand and wrist treatments diagram for trigger digit
Hand and wrist treatments illustration diagram